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Organic Castor oil 16 fl oz  


Our USDA certified organic castor oil is cold-pressed and free from hexane, carefully packaged in a glass bottle to maintain its purity and effectiveness across various applications. With a 16 fl oz quantity, it comes with a convenient pump for mess-free dispensing. This moisturizing oil deeply hydrates the skin and promotes hair growth while also enhancing the beauty of eyelashes, eyebrows, and nails. When used with a castor oil pack wrap, it aids in improving circulation, reducing inflammation, alleviating pain, and addressing issues like constipation or menstrual discomfort for comprehensive wellness support.

  • 100% Pura 

  • USDA Organic

  • Cold-Pressed

  • Hexane-Free

  • Extra Virgin


Unlock the secret to radiant skin, luscious hair, and healthy nails with our premium Hexane-Free Organic Castor Oil. Crafted with care from the finest castor seeds, this natural wonder is your ultimate beauty elixir. organic castor oil cold pressed hexane free.

  • Organic & Pure: Our castor oil is 100% organic, ensuring you receive the highest quality, pure goodness for your skin and hair. No additives, no fillers – just the purest castor oil nature has to offer.

  • Cold-Pressed Castor Oil Excellence: We use a gentle cold-press extraction method to preserve the oil's vital nutrients, antioxidants, and nourishing properties. This process retains the oil's natural goodness, making it your go-to choose for all things beauty.

  • Unrefined & Hexane Free Organic Castor Oil: We take your health seriously. Our castor oil is free from hexane and remains unrefined to provide you with the most potent, unadulterated benefits.

  • Sustainable & Ethical: We're committed to sustainability and ethical sourcing. Our castor oil is sourced responsibly, supporting the environment.


Organic Castor Oil (Ricinus Communis)

Cold Pressed, 100% Pure and Natural

Certified by USDA Organic



Dispense a small amount onto the palm of your hands and then gently massage into clean hair, skin nails, face and body. For eyebrow and eyelashes, dip respective brushes into the oil and apply a coat.

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