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" Been using Glycolic Acid Toner for about 6 weeks now and I can tell you that it has done wonders for my skin! This toner was gentle enough for my dry, sensitive skin. The two main benefits I've noticed are a smooth texture and an improvement in dark spots. "

" Verified Customer "

"This amazing organic Castor Oil comes in the perfect glass bottle with a pump that makes using it very easy and convenient. I have pain in one of my knees, I would message the oil into my skin and the pain subsides. I ranted about how great it is to a relative and allowed them to try it for joint relief and they couldn't believe it. The oil is the perfect thickness, the pump works perfectly, my skin glows and feels super soft. I also tried putting some in my belly button for detox, it works!"

" Verified Customer "

" Toner to leave your skin clean and fresh.

It is a tonic that after washing your face you apply it

absorbs quickly does not leave the face dry, 

has a smell of cucumber  leaves 

your face fresh and clean "

" Verified Customer "

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100% Pure 
Batana Oil

Hydrate, Strengthen and Reduce Frizz With Our 100% Pure and Unrefined Batana Oil From Honduras

Exfoliating & Smoothing Toner

Rejuvenate Your Skin With
Our Glycolic Acid 7% Toner For Exfoliated & Smooth Skin With Visibly Reduced Pore Size

Castor Oil Collection


Helping You Discover Your Own Glow...

We believe in skincare which does not just work superficially, but one which helps you bring out the beauty which is within you, undiscovered! We bring you a line of products based on safe and effective ingredients, giving great results! So relax, sit back and let us help you unleash your hidden glow!

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